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Driving motorbike in Dezember

In November I thought about driving motorbike, but it was already too cold in Germany. My first idea was to put my bike on the train and leave the country to south, but to my surprise the car-train is a dead end.

Most of the provider want to get rid of it cause most people don't use it.
Well after that knowledege there was only one thing left. Fly to a different country and rent a bike.

After reading through different reports I ended up with! It is a german family living in Málaga. The most time I had contact with his son Nieco.

After arriving at the airport in Málaga it was a 10 minute trip with the car to the bikes:

My original plan was to drive from Spain to Portugal but I changed plans cause of weather reasons.

The original route looked like following:

I managed to drive from Málaga to Granada over Antequera, Ronda to Cádiz. After changing my plans I drove from Cádiz to the south along the cost to Tarifa. And from Tarifa I had some really good days while visting Estepona and Marbella.

After I saw enough water I decided to drive to Sierra Nevada.

The Sierra Nevada (meaning "snowy range" in Spanish) is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, provinces of Granada and Almería in Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain, Mulhacén at 3,478 metres (11,411 ft) above sea level.

After seven days, 2.000 kilometers and awesome weather I can definitely say it was a great idea!
Spain is the perfect motorbike country. If you leave the city and drive a view kilometers in the outback you basically own the street.

The only thing left is; Be aware of the goats, cows, horses and dogs on the street ;)

IMAP filtering for a remote mail server

Today I searched for a simple imap-filter-tool for my hosted mail server.

I found following tool written in C:

IMAPFilter is a mail filtering utility. It connects to remote mail servers using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), sends searching queries to the server and processes mailboxes based on the results. It can be used to delete, copy, move, flag, etc. messages residing in mailboxes at the same or different mail servers. The 4rev1 and 4 versions of the IMAP protocol are supported.


I had some smaller issues while compiling it, but afterwards the configuration was pretty simple.

If you have problems with finding lua.h header and already installed all dev-libraries you should think about adjusting the Makefile in src/Makefile:

@@ -9,14 +9,14 @@ MYLDFLAGS =
     MYLIBS =
     INCDIRS =
    -LIBDIRS =
    +LIBDIRS = -L /usr/lib
    -LIBLUA = -llua
    +LIBLUA = -llua5.2
     LIBPCRE = -lpcre
     LIBSSL = -lssl
     LIBCRYPTO = -lcrypto
    +CFLAGS = -I/usr/include/lua5.2 -Wall -Wextra -O -DCONFIG_SHAREDIR='"$(SHAREDIR)"' $(INCDIRS) $(MYCFLAGS)

Well, the worst part is over! If you installed imapfilter globally you should be able to execute it and specify a lua config file:

options.timeout = 120  
    options.subscribe = true
    server = IMAP {  
      server = '',
      username = '',
      password = 's3cr3t'
    github = server.INBOX:contain_from('') +  

Black magic is over! After first-time-execution it'll prompt you for certificate validation. After adding the correct certificate permanently you can add it to a cron-job or something similar.

Now every mail from and will be moved to INBOX/Git/Github!

Happy filtering!

Call me ghost

Since yesterday I am using Ghost instead of tumblr.

echo "Hello World";  

It served me well, but self-hosted has a sweeter flavor :)

I modified the default ghost theme for having different icons (e.g. diaspora icons) and adding diaspora share functionality to the post section.

You'll find the theme code here: zabica.git
For sharing posts to diaspora I am using: